FAQ at Stu's Motorcycles of Fort Myers



  • We have 4 models to choose from! We have 3 2022 Slingshot R Models that are automatic, and 1 2022 Slingshot R Model that is Manual.
  • The Rental procedure is exactly the same as our Indian Rentals (that information can be found below)
  • If you are interested in availability or have any questions, please call us at 239-230-2090 OR send us an email to kaley@stusmotorcycles.com.
  • When can I pick up?

  • Pick up is available 9am - 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday.
  • If you are taking advantage of our Stu's Weekend Special, we require pick up on Friday afternoon or Saturday anytime, drop off on Tuesday morning.
  • Choose your pick up times at check-out on the website.  If the time you are looking for is not there, the motorcycle is not available.
  • When can I drop off?

  • All rentals are due back no later than 5:00pm on the day of your Rental Return.
  • If you are taking advantage of our Stu's Weekend Special, drop off is Tuesday Morning at 9am.
  • There will be a late fee charged to the rental booking if not returned on time.  One hour late fee is $60.  Two hour late fee is $125.
  • Are helmets required?

  • Stu's Motorcycles will provide a helmet to you if you do not have your own.
  • What to do when you have a passenger?

  • We love that you'll have someone riding with you! Your passenger must be 18+ and must be present at the time of your rental pickup.  During the checkout process of your booking, we will need your passenger to sign the agreement & waiver, as well as yourself.
  • What is the Environmental Fee? 

  • $30 collected to offset direct impact fees (such as tolls) & fuel for rental fleet.
  • How does insurance work? And what is your deductible? 

  • The insurance coverage you have during your motorcycle booking covers everything after your deductible. 
  • The deductible is $1500 out of your pocket. However, you have the ability to lower your deductible to $750 by paying an additional $20 at checkout. Insurance coverage is for the motorcycle only. 
  • Personal injury insurance is to your discretion and based on the medical insurance you carry. 
  • How long is a 1 day rental?

  • 24 Hours. If you choose you want to pick up and drop off on the same day, choose "Half Day Rental" at checkout.
  • How long is a half day rental?

  • Half Day rentals are up to 6 hours.  Your rental can be picked up at 11am and must be returned by 5pm the same day.
  • You're closed on Sundays. How do I drop off?

  • We are glad you asked! We have 2 options of Weekend Rentals!
    • 1. 1 Day Rentals for Saturday

    • You must pick up Friday evening before your Saturday rental. If you choose to pick up Saturday Morning, you will be charged for a half day rental.
    • 2. Stu's Weekend Special

    • Pick up Friday at the time you chose at checkout, Drop off Tuesday morning at the time you chose at checkout. This special gives you more than a weekend rental for only $275!